Arcadian Wildlife

/Arcadian Wildlife

Located in Knoxville, Tennessee, Arcadia is a prime place to spot wildlife native to East Tennessee. Besides your neighbor’s golden retriever, you might see anything from a white tailed deer to a tiny groundhog just by stepping outside.

Getting near the water, you’re certainly going to find a much larger concentration of aquatic and amphibian life like frogs and fish. You’re also likely to see a number of birds in the area, and some that you might not see otherwise. It’s not uncommon to spy a Great Blue Heron gliding just above the water’s surface. Some of the other birds who make Arcadia their home are Mallard ducks, Osprey, and Goldfinches, and if you’re lucky you might even see a bald eagle!

It’s easy to spot local wildlife just by taking a walk around the peninsula. As Arcadia’s Senior Project Manager Jack walked along a small Arcadian trail, he found a turtle that was as big as his hand!