New Year, New Space

/New Year, New Space

The New Year has arrived and we’re ready to hit the ground running on our New Year’s Resolutions. Getting more exercise, traveling to new places, and spending more time with family are just a few of ours…

One thing we have discovered when starting to tackle our goals for the year is that we’re making all of these changes to our lives – yet we’re still living in the same space!

Now we’re not saying you need to renovate your home – but there are some small changes that can really make a difference and refresh your space for the new year!


Paint your walls

There’s nothing like a fresh coat of paint! Changing the color on your walls is one of the easiest and instantly gratifying changes you can make to your space. Looking for the perfect color? Check out this article from HGTV about the psychology of color.


Try Wallpaper

Don’t want the commitment of painting your walls while still making a change? Try wallpaper! The old stigma around wallpaper is long gone, and there are some truly beautiful options available. One tip – use patterned wallpaper sparingly. Use it on an accent wall, bathroom walls, or a closet for subtle pops of pattern.



Source: Anthropologie


Rearrange your bedroom

We’re all about feng shui over here at Arcadia. There are some simple things that can help your space feel more comfortable and fluid.

  1. Choose a wood headboard – having a sturdy wooden headboard provides additional support and strength behind your head. Interestingly, footboards should be avoided if possible and are seen as “blocks” to your forward progression.
  2. Opt for curves – when choosing a nightstand, look for curves and soft lines. In Feng Shui, right angles and corners create a sharp energy that should be softened. Try adding a potted plant or fresh flowers to your nightstand, along with your favorite book and a small lamp.
  3. Rearrange your art – the first thing you see in the morning should be something that inspires you! Hang one of your favorite pieces on the wall opposite your bed to start your mornings off right.

For more bedroom Feng Shui tips, check out this HGTV list.


Source: Unsplash



Now that the holidays are over, it’s time to put away the decorations and clear away the clutter. You don’t have to wait until spring to clean out your closet, your kitchen, or your living space. Donate your unused clothes and organize your pantry. You’ll feel much better starting the year off with a clutter-free home.


Source: Unsplash


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