Timeless Beauty: Agrarian Style

/Timeless Beauty: Agrarian Style

Agrarian architecture stems from agricultural traditions beginning in the late 1700’s echoes the lifestyle of the early Greek Arcadians. The land of Arcadia Peninsula located in West Knoxville encompasses an enchanted history and reveals timeless beauty that is worthy of preservation through the agrarian architectural style. This style of architecture focuses on utilizing local materials and includes farm elements, such as dormers, pitched roofs, and barn doors. Carefully customized to each homeowner’s delight, Arcadian homes unify and strengthen the rich history and beauty of the land.

As you step into an agrarian style home, it envelops you with the history of the agrarian lifestyle. By using local materials and living off the land, agrarians developed and sustained their own communities filled with simple splendors. Agrarian architecture captures a modern view of this lifestyle.