Blooming Beauties: Flowers that Flourish in Early Spring

One of the true tell-tale signs of spring is the sight of people returning to their gardens. While most early spring flowers need to overwinter in the ground to bloom their best, you can add these beauties to the bunch as soon as the earth begins to thaw.  



This fast-growing, drought-tolerant plant produces a firework-like flower head that’s packed with pigment. Two varieties you might want to try are the Ever Sapphire, which blooms deep periwinkle flowers, or the blue-purple hued Little Blue Fountain. Agapanthus make for tremendous cut flowers and patio containers.  



Spring-blooming varieties of gardenia can add a sweet aroma to your garden. Their stunning white blossoms with yellow centers are perfect for the season as they bring a cheerful, joyous element to the space. ScentAmazing is one variety to consider, which will begin opening in spring and re-bloom through the fall to produce beautiful, long-lasting foliage.  



Azalea is a familiar favorite amongst gardeners. It’s bold, dazzling display is a stunning addition to spring landscapes. Varieties such as Autumn Belle and Autumn Starburst thrive early in the season with their bi-color blossoms and contrasting petals. Encore azaleas are another iteration worth including in your garden, which begin blooming at the first sight of spring and showcase four to six months of flowers throughout the year.  


Now is the perfect time to start planning your garden beds, and after the final frost of the season passes, you’ll be ready to put these early spring stars in the ground.