Get Your Space Ready for Spring

(Indoors and Outdoors) 

After an “unprecedented” year of change, uncertainty, and quarantine, spring fever is hitting harder than ever. The best way to prepare yourself for the new season is to get your space ready for spring! Here are a few tips for preparing your home for spring, or as we like to call them, home remedies for spring fever! 

Light & Bright 

As the winter gloom fades away and the days get brighter, bring that brightness inside too! Play with light colors like white and cream to brighten up your home. Try white window treatments, a simple way to pull in the light and give off a soft glow. Add some natural pops of color by putting those fresh spring fruits and vegetables on display around your home.  

Plants, Plants, Plants 

Spring is all about plants, inside and outside. A great way to enhance your landscaping is to sit down and decide on a theme and a plan. Knowing what you want the end goal to look like helps you plan for success from the very beginning! Bringing nature indoors instantly gives any space more brightness and complexity. Edible gardens are all the rage this year (as they should be) and you can check out our guide to growing the perfect herb garden in our Quarterly Newsletter! 

Spring Clean It 

It’s time to pack up those winter items and give your home a good spring cleaning! Spring is the perfect time to declutter, organize, and clean those spots you don’t normally think about like ceilings, trim and baseboards, and blinds and curtains. To make the daunting task of spring cleaning a little easier, start with one room. Declutter, organize, clean, then move onto the next room when you’re ready! 

Prepare For April Showers Before You Enjoy The May Flowers  

With the weather hitting that sweet spot between too hot and too cold, spring is the perfect time to tackle home maintenance. Prepare your home for the summer by cleaning windows, clearing out gutters, checking smoke detectors and fire extinguishers, powerwashing decks and walkways, and giving your kitchen appliances a good deep clean.  

Get (Ready For) Outside 

Getting your home maintenance all taken care of will leave you with a fresh clean outdoor space, now to fill it up with your outdoor furnishings and entertainment! Break out your grills, firepits, string lights, and outdoor furniture and get ready to start enjoying warm summer evenings.