Holiday Home Décor

Households commonly stick to the same holiday décor every year because, quite simply, it’s tradition. Nonetheless, you can incorporate your seasonal staples while also trying something new. Here are some of this year’s holiday décor trends to experiment with:  


Gemstone Glamor

The gemstone trend is a balance between elegance and modernity. Emphasizing jewel tones, rich greens are the star of the show, complimented by bright shades of magenta and touches of purple and gold. With a real Christmas tree and garland, the space comes to life with natural pine fragrance.  


White Christmas 

For a chic yet traditional feel, neutral tones act as the base of this décor trend. Cream, beige, and soft pink pieces layer the space followed by accents of bold reds, cool blues, and greys. Pieces made of faux fur such as throws, and pillows add texture while tying everything together. Finally, natural wood finishes and your favorite seasonal scents build warmth and comfort.  


Medieval Mood 

This is a more formal approach to holiday décor that incorporates emerald greens, navy blues, and deep burgundy shades. These rich tones are accessorized with luxurious crystal glassware and shimmering gold elements. Unique candle holders line mantels and act as centerpieces in the dining room for added attraction.  


Midnight Dream 

Create a somber yet festive mood to your holiday space with this trend. Royal blues are paired with dark shades of indigo, wine, rust tones, and burnt orange hues. Gold accents and extravagant ornaments are a staple along with feathers to add texture.