Staying Sane During the Holidays

Tis the season to be jolly… right? 


The holidays can spark many emotions – joy, anxiety, gratitude, and even dread for some. In the hopes of making sure each member of our Arcadia community has a lovely holiday season, we’ve compiled a list of tips to keep your mind at peace during this busy season!

Focus on the Present!

The stress and hustle of the holidays can tend to get the best of us if we don’t slow down, reframe our point of view, and appreciate everything around us. Do your best to slow down and let yourself truly enjoy the moment! 


Recognize What You Can’t Control.

Unexpected road bumps and challenges are bound to present themselves throughout your holiday season, especially with the uncertainty and limitations that the Coronavirus brings along. Let go of the problems that you can’t control and make the most of the things you can. 

Think Big Picture. 

Make sure to come up for air in the midst of holiday to-dos. Instead of driving yourself crazy over frivolous details, remind yourself of what these holidays are really about and love the ones you’re with. 

Set Boundaries. 

The holidays can be a testing time so make sure to set boundaries with others as well as yourself! Whether it’s emotional boundaries of how you’d like to be treated or social boundaries of which (if any!) events you’d like to go to, it’s time to look out for your own wellbeing.  


Give Yourself a Minute (or two) to Breathe! 

Let the holidays be a time for rest and recharging! Take time to give yourself the attention and TLC that you need whether it’s reading a book, putting down your phone, or spending time with friends and family (in a safe, socially distanced way). Embrace your inner lazy and take it easy!